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Carlsbad, New Mexico 88221-0520
Phone: (575) 885-8322 ●●● Fax: (575)885-1568 ●●● Email:
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     Adobe Precision Gear         Services 

APGI provides cost effective production of gears and systems, machine repair and solutions, engineering and field service, and failure analysis. APGI also designs procedures for the installation of gears. Our shop specializes in precision projects of small quantity.

◦   On-Site Engineering, Design and Field Service

◦   Custom Metallurgical Process

◦   Splines 12" Diameter to 60" long

◦ Spur/Helical/Herringbone Shaft Pinions up to 84" Overall Length 

◦   Gear Engineering

◦   Cad Generated Documentation

◦   Application Analysis

◦   Industrial Application and Power Transmission Gearing

◦   API Pumping Unit Gears

◦ Spur/Helical/Herringbone Gears up to 240" OD

◦   Failure Analysis

◦   Straight Tooth Bevel Gears

◦   Worms and Worm Gears

◦   Material and Design Recommendations and Answers 

◦   1-Year Warranty on Full Gear Sets

     Opened in 1995

Since 1995 Adobe Precision Gear has been open for business in Carlsbad NM and is a member of American Gear Manufactures Association (AGMA). The company president and engineer Steve Collopy started the company.

Member Of   American Gear Manufactures Association